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Field & Packhouse Lines

Soil cleaning lines designed to your needs.  Either in field or at pack house.  Fully customizable; standard machine consist of a hopper or bin tipper to receive the garlic, a star wheel table to gently loosen and remove the dirt, an oscillating potatoe belt to further remove dirt and pre-inspect the garlic.  All potatoe belts are rubber coated to minimize any damage to the garlic.


Post Harvest

Brushes, graders, box tipper etc..

Garlic grading lines; belt or trommel design.  Infinite number of sizes, belt discharge (left or right), trommel discharge centre.  Brushing lines and receiving hoppers to be integrated in these lines.


Manual & semi-automatic root and leaf cutters

Semi automatic trimmers to cut the root and stem in one step; a rubber conveyor takes away the finished garlic to bin, bag or inspection table.  Manual trimming units to trim the roots and leaves in two steps by the operator.

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