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Used Garlic Equipment

Two line weight grader

2023 FSTSORT two line weight grader. 8 + 1 design, exits on both sides, capable of sorting about 25,000 pieces an hour. Soft tip bin tipper (PLC controlled), roller inspection table, dual line singulator.  30 - 200 gram +-2 grams.  Installed can be seen in action, or bring a sample to grade. $78,000

"Soft tip" Hydraulic Tipper

Bin Tipper

Soft tip tipper with buffer brush.  These soft tip tippers are incredible gentle on your product.  PLC controlled, can be activated from the forklift without the operator having to leave the seat, $19,800

Garlic Splitter

Rubber Roll

Stainless steel rubber roll garlic splitter with fan.  Mounted on caster wheels with a small inspection table (variable speed).  Feeding conveyor with mechanical speed control 120/240 volt single phase volt  $7900

Garlic Splitting Line

2023 Erme E150 Garlic Splitting Line

New in stock garlic splitting lines.  E150, 150kg per hour with 3 -4 people, caster wheels under all pieces, 240 volt single phase input.


Potting Terradisc

2015 Pottinger Terradisc 5001 T

Very low acre Terradisc. 16 feet (5 meter) high speed disc.  Always shedded, Pack ring roller and semi mount.  $52,000


Garlic Spliter

2023 Erme E600 Garlic Splitter

2023 Erme E600 garlic splitter.  240/380 volt three phase. 4kw fan, start/stop and thermal protection.  In stock, available now

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